The transmission is one of the most heavily used parts of your car. Many drivers, however, don’t pay much attention to their transmission until they notice a problem. With more than 40 years of experience, you can always count on the expert repair technicians here at Tualatin Transmission to keep your transmission in working order. We proudly serve customers from Beaverton, Oregon and all the nearby cities.


Repairs You Can Trust


When you bring your vehicle to Tualatin Transmission, you can rest assured we will diagnose your problem and have your transmission repaired in no time at all. Our technicians will perform a full diagnostic evaluation. No matter if you drive a compact car or a large truck, we have the experience needed to get the job done right the first time.


Our transmission repair shop offers a full range of services, including:


  • Thorough Inspections

The best way to keep your transmission running smoothly is by preventing a problem in the first place. That’s why we offer comprehensive transmission inspections. During this service, our technicians will look for small problems. If we notice something out of the ordinary, we’ll be able to repair it before it becomes a costlier situation.


  • Rebuilds and Replacements

If your transmission is no longer functioning correctly, you may need either a rebuild or a replacement. All our rebuilds are done with the highest quality parts, ensuring your transmission will function like new. Our technicians have the skill to rebuild a variety of transmission. If we determine a rebuild isn’t possible, we will fully replace your transmission with a brand new one.


  • Transmission Fluid Service

Clean transmission fluid is a requirement. Over time, this fluid becomes dirty, thick and cloudy. If this happens, it may leave buildup on the small, mechanical parts of the transmission. We can flush out the system and top off your transmission fluid. During this service, our technicians will also inspect your vehicle for any fluid leaks.


Other General Automotive Services


We do more than just transmissions here at Tualatin Transmission. Our full-service automotive shop also provides customers with a wide range of general maintenance and repair services. Feel free to bring your vehicle to us for any of the following services:


  • Brake Services

If your brakes are squealing, you may need to have the brake pads replaced. Let us install new pads and trim the rotors. You’ll come to a full stop with ease once we’re finished.


  • Oil Change Services

It’s important to change your oil according to the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer. We’ll have your oil changed quickly, and we’ll even check other fluids and filters on your vehicle.


  • Electrical System

If you think your battery, alternator or starter are going out, let us look. We can run diagnostics on the electrical system of your vehicle.


  • Tune-Ups

Even if your vehicle is running smoothly, you still need to bring it in for regular mileage tune-ups. We’ll make your vehicle drives like it did when you first purchased it.


When you bring your vehicle to Tualatin Transmission Center, you know it’s being worked on by experts in the auto repair industry. We value your business, and your satisfaction is always guaranteed. Call us today if you’re ready to schedule service for your vehicle.