Your vehicle should never make strange noises. If you hear banging, grinding, or squealing sounds, it’s time to drive your vehicle into Tualatin Transmission Center. We are one of the best-known transmission and auto repair facilities in your areas, serving customers from across Hoodview, OR and the nearby cities.


What sets Tualatin Transmission Center apart from the competition? The answer is simple. We’ve been in the transmission business for over 40 years. All the mechanics working here are experts in the field. Our work is guaranteed, and we always aim to please.


Servicing All Types of Transmissions


We welcome all makes and models into our transmission shop. It doesn’t matter what you drive, our mechanics have the skill necessary to properly diagnose and remedy the problem. You’ll find us working on:


  • Manual Transmissions


If you prefer the feel of a manual transmission, then let us keep it running smoothly for you. Most manual transmissions are built to last, but if you notice your transmission is sticking or making grinding sounds, then we can help.


When you bring your stick shift into us for repair, we will inspect the entire transmission system, including the clutch. Our mechanics will determine the problem and offer you a solution. We’re experts when it comes to replacing clutches or rebuilding manual transmissions.


  • Automatic Transmissions


More drivers than ever appreciate the convenience and easy driving of automatic transmissions. This type relies on a complex computer system to change gears. If the computer malfunctions, however, you won’t be able to go anywhere.


We will inspect your automatic transmission, including all parts and connections. If something seems out of place, we will either rebuilt or replace the part. Our work is always the best, and we have plenty of hands-on experience with all types of automatic transmissions.


Other Auto Services


Even though we’re highly regarded for our superior transmission services, we offer much more to our customers. Our auto shop is also equipped to handle all your general auto repair needs. Drive in the next time you need:


  • Oil Changes


We will drain the old oil from your vehicle and replace it with high-quality oil. Be sure to schedule this service according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.


  • Brake Services


Let us inspect the condition of your brake system. We can replace worn brake pads or even trim the rotors.


  • Mileage Services


Every manufacturer recommends certain services at regular intervals. If your vehicle is due for a tune-up, bring it to us. We always complete mileage services using high-quality parts.


  • Electrical System


We will inspect the starter, alternator, and battery to make sure they are all running at full capacity. If a problem is found, we will repair it before it gets worse.


Tualatin Transmission Center is ready to become your auto repair shop of choice. Our mechanics are trained to properly diagnose any problem and offer a proven solution. When your vehicle is serviced by us, you know it’s getting the royal treatment.


From transmission service to general auto repair, we do it all right here at Tualatin Transmission Center. We’re proud to be the mechanic of choice for so many customers in Hoodview, OR and the nearby cities. Call to schedule your next vehicle service with us.