When your car starts jerking between gears, it’s time to have your transmission looked over by the experts at Tualatin Transmission. Grinding gears is not good, and we will do whatever is needed to make sure your vehicle shifts smoothly and easily. We’ve been in the transmission business for over four decades, so it’s no wonder why we’ve jumped to the top of the list when it comes to transmission service in King City, OR and the surrounding areas.

Here at Tualatin Transmission, we go above and beyond for every customer we serve. It doesn’t matter what you drive, we have the hands-on experience needed to make sure your transmission is in great shape. Our repairs are done right, and we stand behind every car we fix. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.


Repairing Transmissions for Over 40 Years


Drivers know we offer the best transmission repair and service in the area. Your transmission is responsible for changing the gears of your vehicle, and when it goes out, you won’t get very far. Bring in your vehicle for all your transmission needs, including:



  • Transmission Inspection

If your transmission is making strange noises or jerking to change gears, it’s time to have us look it over. We’ll evaluate every component to determine the best course of action.


  • Transmission Repair and Rebuilds

If we determine that a part of your transmission needs to be repaired, our team will get it fixed right away. Whenever we rebuild a transmission, it will work like new. Our repair services will save you money down the road.


  • Transmission Replacement

In some instances, your transmission must be replaced. We offer this service only after determining that a repair is not possible. Our technicians are trained to replace transmissions for all makes and models.


  • Fluid Flush

Transmission fluid is vital to the components of your engine. If the fluid gets dirty, your vehicle is due for a fluid flush. We will drain and top off all your transmission fluids.


Other Vehicle Services


While our name proves we are leaders when it comes to transmissions, our auto shop is also equipped to handle a variety of other repair services. Tualatin Transmission is ready to become your auto shop of choice. Our highly talented mechanics can help you with:



  • Mileage Services

Vehicle manufacturers recommend regular tune-ups at specific mileage milestones. We will make sure your vehicle stays up-to-date with all these mileage services.


  • Oil Changes

Clean motor oil is vital to your car’s performance. If your vehicle needs an oil change, schedule an appointment with one of our mechanics.



  • Electrical Services

Let our mechanics service your electrical system to ensure your car starts and runs easily. We will look over the alternator, starter, and battery to make sure everything is running properly.


Your Neighborhood Mechanic


Our team at Tualatin Transmission has been providing unbeatable transmission and auto repair services for 40 years. We keep our prices as low as possible, and you can trust us to never recommend service you don’t need. Our honest approach and skilled service has made us a staple in King City, OR for many years. Call us today to schedule your next transmission or general automotive service.


Located Near the Relaxing Area of King City, OR


Life is quiet and relaxing in King City, OR. This small city only has a little over 3,700 residents, but even with its small-town feel, there is plenty to do. Residents can enjoy exploring the many amenities of the area. There are several restaurants and bars even some that are open late. Those who need a little boost in the morning can stop by a local coffee bar for their caffeine fix. There is never a dull moment.


The city was established in 1964. At that time, it was built as a retirement community. Initially, only people over the age of 55 were able to reside in the city. Because of this, King City, OR has earned a reputation for being one of the best places to retire in the country. In fact, it’s currently one of the top 10 cities for retiring seniors to settle down. Today, however, residents of all ages are welcome to enjoy the quiet life in this city.


One of the best ways to relax in the city is at a local park. King City Community Park boasts over 17 acres of space for adults to relax and kids to run and play. The park is also the backdrop for many local events. The popular July 4th celebration is held in the park each year. This celebration includes a city-wide festival, parade, and classic car rally. Even when there is nothing on the calendar, this park is the perfect place to have a family picnic or watch the kids climb on the playground.


The average median income in King City is slightly below the average of the rest of the state; however, residents are still living comfortably. Housing is slightly higher than the national average, but it is still quite affordable. Most residents own their homes. Anyone looking for a comfortable, safe place to live will feel welcome in this cozy city.