A fully functioning transmission will ensure your vehicle shifts seamlessly between gears. Under normal circumstances, most drivers don’t even notice their transmission at work. When your transmission goes out, however, you need to take your vehicle to a repair center you can trust. Those living in Newberg, Oregon and the surrounding areas have trusted Tualatin Transmission with their automotive repairs for more than 40 years. You can depend on us to correctly diagnose and repair the problem.


Specialize in All Types of Transmissions


Every vehicle has a transmission, and no matter what you choose to drive, you can bring your vehicle to Tualatin Transmission for all your transmission needs. Our comprehensive repair services are the best in town. We are well-versed in servicing both automatic and manual transmissions.


  • Automatic Transmission Experts

Many drivers prefer the seamless feel of driving a vehicle with an automatic transmission. The computer system of your car is responsible for telling the transmission when to switch gears. While the ease of an automatic transmission makes it very popular, drivers need to stay current with regular maintenance.

At Tualatin Transmission, we offer a full range of services for automatic transmissions. Be sure to schedule your regular transmission fluid flush with us. If you notice a problem with your transmission, we will be able to rebuild or replace it.


  • Manual Transmission Specialists

Stick shifts rely on drivers to manually change gears. This type of transmission remains popular with drivers who want to feel in control. Manual transmissions are also less expensive.

Here at Tualatin Transmission, we want to keep your manual transmission in the best condition possible. It’s not uncommon for small parts to need to be replaced, and we offer skilled rebuilds when needed. You can also trust us to repair worn clutches or to repair fluid leaks.


Full Service Auto Repair Shop


We also want to be your general auto shop here at Tualatin Transmission. Our center provides all the preventative maintenance and diagnostic services needed to keep your car running at its best. Every technician on staff has the background and hands on experience required to fix just about any problem.


We’re proud to provide a wide array of repair services. You never have to worry about us pushing service you don’t need. Instead, we’ll take the time to properly diagnose the problem and determine the best plan of action. Our prices are fair, and our honest approach has helped us to become the leading name in automotive repair. We specialize in all the following:


  • Fluid flushes
  • Oil changes
  • K-service tune-ups
  • Brake system services
  • Emissions diagnostics
  • Electrical system repair


If you need to have your car repaired, our technicians are ready to get to work. We’re always upfront and honest, and you can count on us to take good care of your vehicle. Our technicians take great pride in providing dependable service to every customer. We hope to build a lasting relationship with you.


With the best technicians and decades of experience, it’s no wonder why Tualatin Transmission has become the transmission and auto repair shop of choice for so many drivers from Newberg, Oregon and the surrounding cities. Call us if you want to speak with one of our skilled technicians.