The Premier Transmission Shop near Canby OR

You’re driving down the highway and notice your car seems to shift gears when accelerating. Whenever you use the clutch, it sticks before moving into the next gear. You know something is wrong with the transmission, but who do you trust to do the repairs?

Tualatin Transmission is the premier transmission repair shop with over 40 years of experience. We proudly service customers from across Canby, OR and the surrounding cities. There’s no transmission problem we can’t solve. No matter the type of car or truck you drive, you can rest assured your vehicle is in good hands with us.


Transmission repair shop

No one ever wants to hear they need a new transmission. It’s an expensive part to replace, but when it fails, you must repair it quickly unless you want to be stranded on the side of the road. At Tualatin Transmission, we understand the frustration that comes along with a failing transmission. That’s why we do everything possible to provide our customers with topnotch service at a fair price. Fixing transmissions is what we do the best.



The ease of driving an automatic transmission is what lures many car buyers to these vehicles. Automatic transmissions are everywhere and for a good reason. Learning how to drive an automatic is easy, and they are also very reliable. However, if something does go wrong, you’ll need to find a skilled mechanic who can diagnose and fix the problem.

At Tualatin Transmission, we know the ins and outs of automatic transmissions. We can rebuild or replace the transmission on any make or model. We also offer regular service to keep the small components of your transmission running at their peak. Let us provide you with a cost-efficient way to get your transmission in working condition once again.



Do you drive a stick shift? If you do, then you know how durable these transmissions are. You may also enjoy the control of manipulating the gears by yourself. While these transmissions do last for the long haul, they can have problems. Don’t hesitate to stop by Tualatin Transmission if you notice any of the following:

  • Slipping clutch
  • Strange sounds
  • Unpleasant smells

Any of these symptoms may point to a failing transmission. It’s best to have a mechanic inspect your transmission system to determine the issue. The sooner you bring it to our mechanics for repair, the faster we’ll have you back on the road.


Auto repair shop

It may surprise you to learn that the transmission experts at Tualatin Transmission can also fix other problems with your vehicle. Our shop is a full-service repair facility. We have all the specialty equipment needed to keep your vehicle running like new. The next time you are due for an oil change or need new brake pads, stop by and let our expert mechanics get to work.


Transmissions and more in Canby, OR

A failing transmission is never something you should ignore. Repairing or rebuilding your transmission at the first sign of trouble will save you a lot of trouble down the road. The mechanics at Tualatin Transmission are here to provide you with fast and reliable service. We strive for complete customer satisfaction and hope you will become a lifelong customer. Contact us if you need to schedule transmission service or any other repair with a leading mechanic near the Canby area.


The farming backdrop known as Canby, OR

Known for its rich farmlands, Canby is a growing suburb in Oregon. The city was initially founded by a Civil War general who went by the same name. Many of the first settlers used the fertile land to farm, and agriculture is still an essential part of the economy today.

The town was incorporated in 1893. The entire city is 3.79 square miles, making it one of the smaller regions in the state. Today, approximately 18,000 people reside in the city limits, which is an impressive increase of nearly 40% over the last 20 years.

Families in Canby make a little above the state average. Most households average a yearly income of about $67,000. Buying a home is also a tad more expensive when compared to other areas in the state. Currently, a house or condo will cost around $301,000, which is slightly higher than the state median and double the national average. About two-thirds of the residents own their home, while the rest choose to rent. Rental prices are on par with the national average, with most properties going for about $1,000 per month.

Located in the center of the action, it takes people about half an hour to travel to nearby cities. Canby is a mere 21 miles south of Portland and 35 miles north of Salem. Oregon City is about 10 minutes away.

Although on the small side, visitors to the area will find plenty of ways to fill their time. Anyone touring Canby should make it a point to check out many of the historic sites. Be sure to visit the Canby Ferry. As one of the final three operating ferries in Oregon, crossing the Willamette on this vessel may be the only time you get to experience a historic ship.

Another tourist hotspot is the Canby Depot Museum. Although the building once served as the train depot, it now operates as a historical museum. Visit it to learn about the history of the town, as well as the history of the railroad.