The Best Transmission Mechanics near Gresham OR

Having a trusted mechanic to repair your vehicle is a must for all drivers. Do you know who you will call if your transmission acts up? For over four decades, the professionals at Tualatin Transmission have fixed countless vehicles for the residents of Gresham, OR and the surrounding areas. No matter the severity of the situation, we’ll be able to offer you a dependable and affordable solution.


Transmission repair shop

Your transmission is the motherboard of your vehicle. You rely on it to put your car in drive, reverse, neutral, and park. Without a functioning transmission, you’ll stay in one place. While you hope your transmission never goes out, it can happen to anyone—even the most careful drivers. At Tualatin Transmission, we want to make your transmission repair go as smoothly as possible. Our transmission shop can handle any situation that may arise.



Most drivers prefer automatic vehicles these days. There is no learning curve, and modern automatic transmissions can last for years with no problems. However, if you notice something amiss, drive into Tualatin Transmission right away for a diagnostic exam.

Our mechanics are pros when it comes to rebuilding and replacing automatic transmissions. We can also help you with:

  • Rough shifting
  • Fluid leaks
  • Burning smells
  • Grinding noises

When it comes to automatic transmissions, we’ve seen it all. With our expertise and friendly service, it won’t be long before you are cruising down the road again.



Do you drive a stick shift? If you do, you probably enjoy the sense of control it provides. Or maybe you just wanted to save some money when you went car shopping. Either way, Tualatin Transmission will be there for you if you ever need repairs.

Manual transmissions are long-lasting and extremely durable. However, that does not mean they are immune to problems. If you suspect that you have a leak or you are having issues with your clutch, we can help. After a series of diagnostic tests, we will be able to diagnose and fix the problem.


Auto repair shop

Don’t let our name fool you. Tualatin Transmission is more than just transmissions. We also have a full-service auto repair shop that can handle any other incidental repairs that pop up. Inside our garage, you’ll find all the tools and parts needed to keep your car in good working condition. Our trained mechanics have experience with all models of cars and trucks, so no matter what you drive, we can service it! Here’s a sample of what we offer:

  • Oil and system fluid changes
  • Brake pads and rotors
  • Mileage services
  • Emissions systems
  • Starter, battery, and alternator services

When you drive into our repair shop, a friendly, knowledgeable mechanic will greet you. It’s our mission to provide every customer with outstanding service, and we will go the extra mile to make sure your vehicle drives like new when you leave.


Your Gresham OR car and truck specialists

Owning a vehicle is a huge responsibility. At Tualatin Transmission, we make it easy to get the preventative service you need to ensure your car or truck runs at its peak. We’re known across Gresham, OR for our unbeatable transmission service, and we hope to become your auto repair shop of choice. Give us a call today to book a repair service with the most skilled mechanics in the neighborhood.


The suburban life in Gresham, OR

Named after a Civil War general, the city of Gresham, OR became incorporated in 1905. Before then, it was a small settlement. Originally, residents made a living through farming, but as the area continued to grow and change, so did the economy. Today, people make a living by working in a wide variety of industries. The most popular are healthcare, construction, and food services. The average household income is about $58,000 a year, which is on par with the rest of the state.

Located just east of Portland, Gresham is the ideal place to reside if you prefer suburban living to urban life. It only takes about 25 minutes to drive into the big city, so many of the town’s residents choose to commute to Downtown Portland for work each morning. Although most of the population owns at least one vehicle, the walkability score in the area is very high. It’s easy to walk to local shops for a snack or to meet up with friends. As a relatively safe city, it’s not uncommon to see people walking at all hours of the day.

Many families decide to move to Gresham because of its affordability. The average house value is about $264,000, which is slightly under the average for other cities in Oregon. Renting a home costs about $1,060 a month. Even with reasonable house prices, nearly half of the community chooses to rent. Because of this, the city is a prime target for real estate investors looking to purchase rental properties.

Although a small city, living in Gresham is very quaint and cozy—apart from a few local shops, there’s not much else to do on the weekend. Most people head into Portland if they want to experience the nightlife scene. However, for those who enjoy the simpler things in life, they will be able to keep themselves busy at the local golf course, planetarium, or pioneer museum. It is the ideal location for families who want to be close to the action without living in the heart of it.