Reliable Transmission Repair in Oak Grove

How important is your car’s transmission? It’s crucial. The transmission changes gears, and without a working transmission, you would stay stuck in park. If you think your transmission is on its last leg, it’s time to find a trustworthy transmission shop near you. With more than four decades in the automotive repair industry, Tualatin Transmission has become the local leader in transmission repair across Oak Grove and the surrounding areas. Bring your vehicle to us, and you’ll quickly understand why we have a reputation for being the best transmission shop in town.

Transmission Repair Shop


Is your transmission acting up? Before the problem gets any worse, it’s time to bring your vehicle to Tualatin Transmission. We offer comprehensive transmission rebuilding and repair services. No matter if you drive a car or a truck, we have the skill needed to get your vehicle driving like new again.


  • Automatic

If you’re like many drivers, you prefer the simplicity and ease an automatic transmission provides. Instead of worrying about changing gears yourself, the computer inside your car takes care of it for you.


Regular service can help prevent a problem with your transmission. That’s why our technicians recommend regular service according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Bring your vehicle to us for a transmission flush and fluid check. This service is one of the best ways to keep your transmission performing at its peak.


Unfortunately, if your transmission goes out, you won’t be able to get anywhere. At Tualatin Transmission, we are the place to turn for your automatic transmission rebuild. It’s our goal to help our customers save money by providing the best service possible. We will diagnose the problem and come up with a solution that works. We guarantee our work, and once your car leaves our shop, it will change gears with ease.


  • Manual

Some drivers prefer the control of a manual transmission. Often called a stick shift, this type of transmission uses a clutch to change gears. While it’s up to the driver to manually switch gears, these transmissions are solid and built to last.


However, even the best manual transmissions may have problems. Bring your car to Tualatin Transmission if you notice any of the following concerns:


  • Stuck or slipping clutch
  • Grinding sounds
  • Burning smells


These may be warning signs of a failing transmission, and we want to help you fix it right away. We will inspect your clutch and transmission for any signs of wear and tear. It’s always our goal to offer affordable transmission repair whenever possible. In no time at all, your vehicle will work like new.


Auto Repair Shop


Our expertise doesn’t stop with the transmission. At Tualatin Transmission, we can also handle all of your auto repair needs. Our shop is outfitted with the tools needed all repairs, and with the best technicians on the job, we are ready for anything. Stop by for your next oil change or take advantage of our brake services.


Auto Transmission Experts in Oak Grove


Don’t let a failing transmission keep you off the road. Our technicians at Tualatin Transmission are here to help. With our fast and reliable service, you won’t have to wait long for us to finish your repair. We’re the premier transmission shop in Oak Grove and the nearby areas. Contact us if you need to have your transmission inspected by the best team around.


Suburban Life in the Growing Town of Oak Grove


If you want to live near Portland but dread big cities, Oak Grove may be the perfect compromise. With a population of just over 16,000 people, this town remains unincorporated. While other cities in the state continue to grow annually, the number of residents living here has slowly declined over the past few years. However, the small population doesn’t deter those living in the area. With a strong sense of community and a neighborly feel, many people proudly consider this their home.


Home prices in Oak Grove have continued to increase. The average home costs about $376,000, which is about double the national average. Nearly two-thirds of residents own their homes. The rental rate is about $1,100 each month. Household incomes, however, are only slightly more than the U.S. median, with most families earning about $60,000 a year. Many of those who live in town make the 30-minute commute each morning to Portland for work. Technology jobs are the most popular, but many residents also work in construction, healthcare, and food services.


The entire town of Oak Grove encompasses only 4.1 square miles, of which 3.9 miles are land, and 0.3 is water. Edward W. Cornell named the townsite in the late 1890s after marveling at the many oak trees in the area. The Oak Grove Railroad Station helped bring new residents and jobs to the area. However, the railroad no longer comes through town.


While most residents head out of town for entertainment, it’s still possible to stay busy within the city limits. The Willamette River borders the area, and it’s a popular hangout for locals. Hog Island, which is accessible by boat, is home to many native plants, such as snowberry and white oak. It’s owned and operated by a nonprofit organization. Fishing and boating are both very common. With mild to moderate temperatures all year round, you’ll find people at the waterfront nearly every day. When the water gets too cold, biking and hiking are a better option.