Trusted Transmission Experts in Portland

You always require reliable transpiration to get you to work and beyond. There’s no worse feeling than breaking down on the side of the road, and no one wants to hear the transmission is going out. Many mechanics claim to repair transmissions, but only a few are experts. When you need your car repaired right the first time, please bring it to Tualatin Transmission. We provide superior repair services to our customers from Portland and the surrounding areas.


Transmission Repair Shop

The transmission is a critical component of your car. Without it, you would be stuck in a park forever. If you suspect something is wrong with your transmission, it’s time to pay us a visit at Tualatin Transmission. We have some of the top mechanics in the business, and we can fix any vehicle—no matter what you drive.



More drivers than ever prefer automatic transmissions. You don’t have to think about shifting because the car’s computer system does it all for you. But with all technology, if something starts acting up, it can be tricky to repair.

The mechanics at Tualatin Transmission have experience working on all types of automatic transmission. We will run diagnostics to figure out the problem, and we’ll offer a solution. Since we know money doesn’t grow on trees, we strive for a rebuild whenever possible. Your car is in good hands with us.



While no longer as popular, many drivers still use a stick shift. Not only are these vehicles cheaper, but manual transmissions give you more control over your car. You use a clutch and stick to move between gears. Even though these transmissions are highly durable, problems can arise.

In many instances, drivers come to Tualatin Transmission complaining of a sticking clutch or grinding sounds. No matter what’s wrong, it’s no match for our mechanics. We can replace a broken car clutch or repair a worn-out transmission—we do it all.


Auto Repair Shop

Even though the word ‘transmission’ is in our name, we can handle all types of auto repairs here at Tualatin Transmission. Our shop has the tools and equipment needed to tackle a variety of general auto repair services. Bring your vehicle into our garage for:

  • Oil and fluid change
  • Brake inspection and replacement
  • Electrical system repairs
  • Emissions system concerns
  • Mileage services
  • And much more

Our highly-skilled mechanics have the hands-on experience needed to repair your vehicle the right way. It doesn’t matter if you drive a car or truck—we work on all makes and models. When you need dependable repairs that won’t break the bank, you drive into Tualatin Transmission.


Your Local Portland Mechanics

If you suspect something is wrong with your vehicle, you don’t want to put off getting service. The longer you wait for a repair, the most damage you’ll do to your motor. That’s why Tualatin Transmission proudly offers a full range of transmission services and general auto repair. When you visit our shop, you know the best mechanics in the area are on the job.

Tualatin Transmission has over 40 years of experience, and we have many satisfied customers across Portland and the nearby cities. We’ll go the extra mile to get your vehicle back on the road. Get in touch with us to schedule transmission repair with our skilled team.


Portland: Technology and Culture Wrapped into One

Portland is one of the best-known cities in the entire country. So many people are aware of it that the city has become something of a pop-culture legend. Why has this town skyrocketed to this level of success? The answer is job opportunities.

Back in the early 1990s, a colossal technology surge hit the nation. Companies were competing to come out with the best gadgets, and many tech giants began to open their doors. Many of them, such as Intel, made their way to Portland. Fast forward to today, and you can’t drive through the downtown area without seeing logos for the top computer corporations on all the skyscrapers in the city.

However, Portland wasn’t always this popular. Back in the early days, it took settles a while to build a life here. While other parts of the country were already blossoming, the town didn’t get officially founded until 1845. Six years later, in 1851, it became an incorporated city.

Now, Portland has more residents than any other city in Oregon. Well over 660,000 people live here. And people continue to move from across the country and globe to be part of this diverse culture. You’ll find a younger crowd here. Most of the residents fall between the ages of 24-35, and over half have higher education degrees. Due to demographics, the city leans to the left, which many residents identify as progressive on the political scale.

While you may assume that everyone in Portland is wealthy, that’s not the case. The median household income falls at about $61,000 a year. That usually wouldn’t be an issue, but the housing market in the area is out of control. To buy a single-family home, you’ll end up spending at least $427,000—and that will only get you a smaller sized property. Because of this, many people end up renting instead.