Dependable Transmission Service in Rivergrove

The transmission is a key component of your vehicle, and if it stops working, you won’t get very far. If you want to find the best transmission shop near you, it’s time to get in touch with our technicians at Tualatin Transmission. Customers across Rivergrove trust us with their vehicles, and we look forward to providing you with the same high level of care. We are serious about transmissions, and we offer our customers affordable transmission repair that will keep them driving for many more miles.

Transmission Repair Shop


For over 40 years, Tualatin Transmission been recognized as the best transmission shop in the area and for a good reason. There’s no transmission problem we can’t handle. Bring your vehicle to our shop, no matter how big or small your issue may seem.


  • Automatic

Automatic transmissions are the most modern type on the market. Instead of changing gears yourself, the computer handles everything for you. Unfortunately, if something goes wrong, you need an expert to fix the issue. That’s where Tualatin Transmission comes into play.


We work on all types of automatic transmissions, from compact cars to large trucks. Before we rush to replace the part, we’ll try a transmission rebuild. This service costs significantly less and still provides the same reliable results. If you notice any of the following, it’s time to bring your vehicle to us:


  • Jerking when your car changes gears
  • Fluid leaking from the bottom of your car
  • Strange sounds or smells whenever you drive


These signs may point to a transmission problem, but they could also mean something else is going wrong. No matter the issue, our mechanics will diagnose and remedy it right away.


  • Manual

The first transmissions were manual, and they are still popular today. The use of a manual shifter and clutch allow drivers to change gears quickly and easily. Many drivers feel more in control with a manual transmission.


However, if your clutch goes out, you need to find a mechanic right away. At Tualatin Transmission, clutch repair is one of the many services we provide our customers with. It’s time to have your vehicle inspected by an expert if the clutch sticks, slips, or just feels different.


The mechanics at Tualatin Transmission are manual transmission rebuilding experts. We have experience with all types of engines, so there’s nothing we’ve haven’t seen before. No matter the age or model of your vehicle, we can fix it.


Auto Repair Shop


Don’t let our name fool you; we are a full-service mechanic and can tackle any problems you may have. We want to become your go-to auto repair shop. Our customers trust us for:


  • Oil and fluid changes
  • New brake pads and rotors
  • Alternator and starter problems
  • Emissions systems


We have all the equipment needed for any type of auto repair. Our mechanics are trained to handle any situation that enters our garage. With quick, dependable service, you’ll never want to take your car anywhere else.


Repairing Vehicles across Rivergrove


From transmission service to basic auto repair, we do it all right here at Tualatin Transmission. Drivers all across Rivergrove trust our mechanics for their automotive needs. We look forward to serving your car and truck soon. Call us to set up an appointment.


The Close-Knit Community of Rivergrove


When you live in Rivergrove, you definitely know your neighbors. This tiny city was incorporated in 1971, and since then, it has remained a small, quaint place to live. The entire town only takes up 0.16 square miles. With a population of only 481, you most likely know the names of everyone in the area. The median age is 44, and over 8% of the people are veterans.


Those living in Rivergrove tend to make a good living. With an average household income of over $105,000, residents have plenty of discretionary cash to spend on other luxuries. Nearly 75% of workers commute each morning, while the remaining quarter work from home. Both men and women work in a wide range of industries, including education, manufacturing, finance, and construction. Many of them hold management positions or higher.


Homes sell for about $775,000, and many are priced about the million-dollar mark. This number is almost four times the national average. It’s also more expensive to live here than many other cities in the state. Expect to pay over $1,900 each month for a rental property, but do be aware that most of the city’s residents are homeowners. Properties are also limited due to the amount of space available within the city boundaries.


Even though the city of Rivergrove is only a little more than 40 years old, it goes above and beyond to take care of its citizens. Residents can participate in a number of activities throughout the year. An annual ice cream social allows residents the chance to get to know each other while celebrating the town’s birthday. Arbor Day is also very important. Governing officials take the time to celebrate by planting trees and distributing seedlings across the city. There is a close-knit sense of belonging in the city, which makes Rivergrove an excellent place for people of all ages to live.