Automatic Transmission Repair

Drivers love the ease and simplicity of an automatic transmission. However, every transmission should be regularly serviced to ensure it functions at its peak. Tualatin Transmission Center is the first place to call if you notice your automatic transmission is failing. We’re one of the highest rated automotive repair shops in the Portland Metro area, and automatic transmission repair is one of our specialties.

Signs that the automatic transmission is failing

Transmission failure is a highly frustrating and costly vehicle repair. You need an expert technician to diagnose the situation. If you don’t fix your transmission in a timely manner, you may notice a decline in your vehicle’s performance. You may also become a hazard on the road. There are four common symptoms to be on the lookout for, including:

  • Rough shifting

If your transmission is running properly, the gears should shift with ease. Most drivers don’t even notice their gears shifting until things get rough. If you feel or hear a change in how your gears shift, a trip to Tualatin Transmission Center is in order.

  • Delayed shifting

Your car should quickly and easily shift from park to drive, without hesitation. If you notice a delay, your automatic transmission may be failing. Our technicians will run the proper diagnostics to determine your exact problem.

  • Leaking fluid

Transmission fluid lubricates all of the technicianal parts of your transmission. If you notice this red fluid leaking, however, your transmission needs to be serviced by our technicians as soon as possible.

  • Slipping

A properly functioning transmission is able to stay in the correct gear. If the gears begin to slip for no reason, this is a classic sign that your transmission is beginning to fail.

Servicing an automatic transmission

The best way to prevent problems with your transmission is by scheduling your car for routine transmission service. Our team at Tualatin Transmission Center will flush your transmission, removing any corrosion or buildup. We will also change your transmission fluid.


If during a service appointment we notice a problem, our technicians will explain the proper way to fix it. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best service in the area. Our routine automatic transmission service is the number one way to keep your vehicle running smoothly.


Repairing an automatic transmission

When you bring your vehicle to Tualatin Transmission Center, we will run many different diagnostic tests on your transmission. The goal is to pinpoint any problems so they can be properly addressed. Our technicians are always honest, and you can trust us to lead you in the right direction.


Depending on the problem, we will be able to either rebuild or replace the part. We’re familiar with all technicians behind your transmission, from the driveline to the transfer case. When your repair is complete, you’ll be more than pleased by how much better your vehicle performs on the road.

Many years of experience

Tualatin Transmission Center has been the leading name in automatic transmission service and repair for over four decades. There’s no problem our technicians haven’t seen. Our technicians are passionate about providing the best work on every vehicle. Call to book an appointment if you need to have your automatic transmission inspected by the most trusted team around.