Manual Transmission Repair

Many drivers enjoy the classic feel of driving a manual transmission. While manual transmissions are reliable, they can also wear out over time. Here at Tualatin Transmission Center, we’re proud to be the premier manual transmission specialist in the Portland Metro area. Bring your vehicle to us at the first signs of transmission failure, and we’ll get it fixed as quickly as possible.

Common manual transmission problems

Stick shift transmissions behave much different than their automatic counterparts. While both types of transmissions are vulnerable to problems, manual drivers may notice very specific symptoms, such as:

  • Change in clutch pedal

A properly functioning clutch pedal should feel firm and steady when depressed. If your pedal begins to feel too soft or spongy, it may be going out. Any change in how your clutch pedal reacts should be checked out by a repair specialist.

  • Slipping clutch

Your clutch should feel secure when changing gears. If you notice a high pitched squeal or revving sound, it may be slipping out of gear. Our team at Tualatin Transmission Center is very skilled when it comes to clutch repair.

  • Transmission gets stuck

If you can’t get your manual transmission to go into gear at all, your transmission is most likely to blame. Let our team check your hydraulic pressure and look for leaks in the cylinders.

  • Sounds and smells

A properly functioning manual transmission should be free of loud sounds. Grinding, squealing, knocking and clanking are not normal. Burning smells should also be reported to a technician. All of these sounds and smells may indicate a failing manual transmission.

Manual transmission experts

If you think there is something wrong with your vehicle’s manual transmission, our technicians at Tualatin Transmission Center want to help you. We offer comprehensive manual transmission service and repairs. Our technicians will run a number of different diagnostics on your vehicle until we locate the exact source of the problem.

Here at Tualatin Transmission Center, we are experts when it comes to clutch repair. Many times, we can fix problems with your clutch without replacing the part. However, if a replacement is mandated, we will get it installed right the first time.

If our technicians discover a problem with your manual transmission, we have the experience required to get your vehicle repaired quickly. Our work is topnotch, and we stand behind everything we do.

Routine service

Every manual transmission should be serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommended mileage and guidelines. If your vehicle is due for service, Tualatin Transmission Center offers the best manual transmission service in town.

During your service, our technicians will perform a comprehensive transmission inspection. Any problems will be noted and brought to your attention. We will also check your transmission fluid levels. If your fluid is exceptionally dirty, we may recommend completely changing it. Our routine service will improve the performance of your vehicle.

If your manual transmission isn’t responding like it used to, then it’s time to schedule service here at Tualatin Transmission Center. We’ve been repairing transmissions for more than 40 years. Contact our shop today to schedule an appointment with one of our highly skilled technicians.