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When our owner and founder, John Floyd, Sr., first opened Tualatin Transmission Center, he did so with the intention of becoming the most trusted name in transmission service in town. Our commitment to honest, dependable service has set us apart from the rest. We truly value our customers, and our job isn’t complete until you’re completely satisfied.

A vehicle can’t go anywhere if the transmission isn’t working. Tualatin Transmission Center is proud to offer high quality transmission service to our customers in Tualatin, OR and the Portland Metro area. We’ve been in business for over 40 years, and during that time, we’ve emerged as the leading transmission shop in town. When you bring your vehicle to us, you know it’s being worked on by a transmission specialist with many years of hands on experience.

At Tualatin Transmission Center, we’re happy to provide a free quote for your repair. Be sure to ask about our unbeatable 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty on our automatic transmission rebuild and replacements. We always go the extra mile for all of our customers. Call today to schedule transmission service with the best team of ASE-certified technicians in town.

The transmission serves a vital role in every vehicle. It’s the job of the transmission to seamlessly change gears. Every vehicle has either an automatic or manual transmission, and when the transmission fails, then it must be repaired right away. Here at Tualatin Transmission Center, we offer transmission repair for both automatic and manual vehicles. During our years of service, we’ve had the chance to work on every type of transmission imaginable! Let us diagnose and fix your transmission problem today.

Transmission Shop – Rated the Best in Town!

  • Voted #1 for transmission repair

  • Complete repairs done for your car

  • We are a local Company not a National chain

  • Our customers love us and give us the best reviews in the business

  • Whether you need a new transmission or a rebuild, we can do it!

  • Just give us a call and we’ll give you a quote


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Other transmission repair services

The technicians at Tualatin Transmission Center are simply the best. When you bring your vehicle into our shop, we’ll run all of the proper diagnostic tests to determine what needs to be fixed. There’s no transmission repair we can’t handle.


Most every front-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicle comes equipped with a transaxle. If you notice whining or grinding, it’s time to have your transaxle looked over by us. You should also bring in your vehicle if you notice leaking fluid or a burning smell.


Grinding sounds and difficulty changing gears are both symptoms of a failing transfer case. Be sure to have your vehicle looked over before an easy fix turns into a much more costly repair. Here at Tualatin Transmission Center, our technicians can repair your transfer case in no time at all.


If you notice loud noises coming from the rear of your vehicle, it may be time to rebuild or replace the differential. We’re proud to offer the best rear end repair in the area. Bring your car in today, and let us take a look at your differential.


If your driveline is in need of repair, our technicians are ready to repair it for you. Signs you may need driveline repair include loud noises when shifting or shuddering when stepping on the gas. Since the driveline consists of several components, such as the axles, wheels, driveshaft and joints, it’s important to have one of our trained technicians find the exact cause of your problem.

We look forward to servicing you and your vehicle soon.


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